bb:geek Cafe&Bar

bb:geek Cafe&Bar with movie memorabilia decorating the interior.

bbgeek C3PO and R2D2



bb:geek Cafe&Bar





bb:geek is the coolest combination cafe & bar that I have been to so far in my 13 years in Japan. The owner has hundreds of movie memorabilia, which belong to her and her friends, on display in the establishment. It is mostly Star Wars, but there is other memorabilia as well.

bb:geek Cafe&Bar has a very pleasant atmosphere, from the music to the decorations and design throughout the building. The owner is very friendly, and there is a wide variety of food. The website indicates that she would rather not have children younger than 15 years old in the cafe. There are a lot of expensive models on display; and it is also a bar. See the website here for some photos, open schedule, and location: bb-geek.. I have included some photos throughout this post, and a short video. bb:geek is located in a small town in Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture. Not too far from Oonoura Station on the line between Hiroshima and Iwakuni.

bbgeek food and busts of skywalker and stormtroopers

bbgeek Darth Vader Sith Maul

Most of the items on display are from the Star Wars universe, everything from stormtrooper helmets to an almost full size replica of C-3PO. Included are busts and models from other movie universes. There are more than a few aliens on display from the Alien movie franchise, along with a Predator or two. There was even a decent size bust of Batman and Catwoman, the Michelle Pfeiffer one in Batman Returns.

bbgeek aliens


The first floor is where all of the dining is, along with a significant portion of the items on display. The 2nd and 3rd floors are not full floors, and you can look up to the ceiling of the building from the first floor. The 2nd floor had Alien, Predator, and other models on display. While the 3rd floor was mostly a wall display full of items from all of the different Star Wars movies.


bbgeek akbar chewie star wars


I wish that I wrote this review much earlier, or that I visited the place again; as I can’t really remember everything that was on the menu. I do know that I had some oysters in a butter and garlic sauce; and there were about 5 different types of oyster dishes that were on the menu. There were also a couple different types of pasta, chicken wings, curry rice, salads, and pizzas. That is all if I remember correctly. There was much more on the menu, I really need to go again and get the full menu; my excuse for eating there again.

bbgeek r2d2 c3po


bbgeek sith vader stormtroopers
bbgeek star wars display and cushions
bbgeek vader boba fett and other helmets